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Department of Geography

The University of Oklahoma
Sarkeys Energy Center, Room
100 East Boyd Street
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-1008, U.S.A.
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Robert A. Rundstrom

Appointments at the University of Oklahoma:

Associate Professor of Geography, 1997-Present
Adjunct Associate Professor of Native American Studies, 1998-Present
Assistant Professor of Geography, 1991-1997
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Native American Studies, 1994-1998



Ph.D., Geography, University of Kansas, 1987
M.A., Geography, California State University-Northridge, 1980.
A.B., Geography, University of California-Berkeley, 1975.


Current Courses

GEOG 1113 Language of Maps
GEOG 3613 Geography of Oklahoma
GEOG 4563 American Indian Geographies
GEOG 4573 Indigenous Peoples and Resources: A Global Survey
GEOG 6220 Seminar in Human Geography (approximately every fifth semester)


Recently Completed Theses and Dissertations

2008 Ph.D.  Joseph Swain, “Claims to History: Commemorating Progress in Oklahoma Territory, 1989-2007"

2007 M.A.  Dan Edwards, “‘Where the Oak and Blackjack Trees Kiss the Playful Prairie Breeze’: Lyrical Representations of Oklahoma”

2007 Ph.D.  Chie Sakakibara, “Cetaceousness and Global Warming Among the Iñupiat in Arctic Alaska”

2006 Ph.D.  Mark Palmer, “Creating ‘Indigital’ Peripheries: The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Geographic Information Systems, and the Digitization of Indian Country”

2001 Ph.D.  David Robertson, “Enduring Places: Landscape Meaning, Community Persistence, and          Preservation in the Historic Mining Town” 


Theses and Dissertations Now Being Written

Malia Bennett (M.A. - Liberal Studies), an interpretation of the ‘mock-wedding’ statue in Guthrie, OK and ritual performances related to the joining of Indian and Oklahoma territories at statehood in 1907

Joyce Greene (Ph.D.), an examination of gendered geographies in Oklahoma as expressed in recent fiction authored by women born and raised in Oklahoma

Hayden Roberts (Ph.D.), an assessment of contemporary county fairs in the U.S., the shift in their function, meaning, and representation in recent years, and the racial and gendered relations associated with their performance

Personal Research Currently in Progress

    Book Project

The Resettlements of Oklahoma, 1889-1907.  A detailed analysis of the cultural origins, practices, and  resettlement destinations of approximately 12,000 Indians and non-Indians who settled in Oklahoma prior to statehood. (See Faculty Research page


     Short Manuscripts

“Indigenous Peoples and Western Cartography,” submitted for Cartography in the Twentieth Century,  ed. M. Monmonier, vol. 6 of  The History of Cartography.  University of Chicago Press.  (with Karl Offen)

“Race and Resettlement in the Arbuckle Uplands of Oklahoma Prior to Statehood,” in progress.


Selected Recent Publications

2007. Counter-mapping.  Short article-length entry submitted to The International Encylopedia of Human Geography, R. Kitchin and N. Thrift, eds. (London: Elsevier).

2007.  Review of Geography, vol. 2 of New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, by Richard Pillsbury.  H-NET Reviews (posted to H-HistGeog list 9/26/07).

2006.  The Heartland. In Encyclopedia of the Midwest, eds. A. Cayton, R. Sisson, and C. Zacher. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2006.  Review of Native American Placenames, by William Bright. Material Culture 39(2).

2005. On the Implications of Going Way Too Straight.  Commentary on ‘Satellite Culture: Global Positioning Systems, Inuit Wayfinding, and the Need for a New Account of Technology,’ by E. Higgs and C. Aporta. Current Anthropology 45(5): 447-448. (with Mark Palmer).

2003. American Indian Geography. In Geography in America, 2d., eds. G. Gaile and C. Willmott, pp. 600-615. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with Doug Deur, Kate Berry, and Dick Winchell)

2002. Review of Heart of the Rock: The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz, 1969-1971, by Adam Fortunate Eagle. American Indian Quarterly 26(2): 326-329.

2001. Review of Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies, Volume 2, Book 3 of The History of Cartography, eds. David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis.  Annals, AAG 91(1): 208-210.

2001. Review of Cartographic Encounters: Perspectives on Native American Mapmaking and Map Use, ed. G. Malcolm Lewis. The Professional Geographer 53(2): 293-294.

1999. Review of The Indian Southwest, 1580-1830: Ethnogenesis and Reinvention, by Gary Anderson. Geographical Review 89(4): 605-607.

1999. Reciprocal Appropriation: Toward An Ethics of Cross-Cultural Research. In Geography and Ethics: Journeys in a Moral Terrain, ed. J. Proctor and D. Smith, pp.237-250. London: Routledge. (with Doug Deur)

1999. Review of Another America: Native American Maps and The History of Our Land, by M. Warhus. Professional Geographer 51(1): 150-151.

1998. Mapping, The White Man's Burden.  Commentary in reply to "Mapping the Commons: The Social Context of Spatial Information Technologies" by Jim Fox. Community Property Digest No. 45 (May):7-9.


Recent Addresses

2007.  Race and Resettlement in the Arbuckle Uplands of Oklahoma Prior to Statehood.  Paper read at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, 17-21 April, San Francisco, California.

2006.  The Origins of the ‘Unfortunate Child’: Preliminary Results From a New Study of the Resettlement of Oklahoma Territory, 1889-1907.  Paper read at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Division of the AAG, 25-28 October, Norman, Oklahoma. (with Joseph Swain)